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“曼”漫长途 “森”声不息-曼森品牌巡演 n Maysonn Julius 流行音乐发展到今天,似乎到达了某个瓶颈,人们更希望听到一种来自内心的平和的声音,传递真正的快乐!Julius一个来自荷兰的乐队,他们的音乐来自于生活,踢球,喝酒,都能成为他们音乐的一部分,向周围的人传递简单的快乐!这与曼森吉他的精神不谋而合,简约的外观,平和柔美的音色~旨在让你感受到:在简约的外观下,平和而厚积薄发的力量!越简单的越幸福,越纯粹的越快乐,曼森吉他,用最简单的方式,同你合唱每一寸精彩。这就是曼森吉他,从容而坚定,传递生活的快乐! 人生是一场漫长的旅行,跟随我们一起,尽情...
Mayson was successfully exhibited in Music China Expo Shanghai! Friends and fans from all over the world took part in Mayson Party! Famous European band JULIUS played for all the fans! Every time JULIUS’ show attracted so many fans surrounding, singing and dancing with JULIUS, with Mayson! In Shanghai New International Exhibition Center we all deeply touched again by the "Smart Concept" of Mayson guitars.
1st Station in Shenyang —— May 17, 2014.2nd Station in Changchun —— May 18, 20143rd Station in Beijing —— May 20, 21, 20144th Station in Shanghai —— May 23, 20145th Station in Wuxi —— May 24, 20146th Station in Wuhu —— May 25, 2014
Mayson Service Center was established to provide high-standard services for the Benelux area. To assure Mayson's high quality standards, after arriving in Europe, each guitar is re-inspected and set-up in the Mayson Service Center. Furthermore, MSC will handle all necessary after sales technical care and offer fast and accurate repairs on Mayson instruments.
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